• Jurjen van Rees

    Jurjen van Rees

    CCO @RheoCube | Science Dynamics | Innovation Strategy | Enjoys good food & drinks | Historian | Amsterdam | Personal tweets in English and Dutch

  • grork


  • Dan Olsen

    Dan Olsen

    My passions: product management, Lean Startup, UX design, Agile & analytics. PM consultant, interim VP of Product, entrepreneur, speaker, coder, dad

  • Martin Rezny

    Martin Rezny

    An independent Czech thinker, speaker, writer, and creator.

  • Biz Book Reviewer

    Biz Book Reviewer

    Timeless Business Book Summaries. Decided to read & summarize timeless business books for my yearly resolution. Figured might as well share the knowledge!

  • iSpacegh Foundations

    iSpacegh Foundations

    A hub for the tech community in Accra-Ghana. A place for entrepreneurs to meet, work, and use the internet. Creating social change projects.

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